Sneak Peek into the ‘Walk the talk’ Conference Program

Day I

  • What is behind Activity-Based Working?

    Addressing the agile way of working

  • Flexible Workspace Concept

    HVB Tower & Smart Working

  • How to create a brain friendly office?

    Sound Design for Brain & Cognition

  • How to boost productivity & creativity

    How G-Star RAW did it their way

  • A powerful generation of workers of the future

    Panel discussion

Day II

  • Workplace transformation

    Closing the gap between HR, IT and real estate

  • The future of NWOW and ABW

    How to take NWOW to the next level?

  • A creative climate to make a difference

    MyArena by adidas

  • The co-working phenomenon

    Panel discussion

  • Authenticity-centered design

    Discuss & co-create

Sneak Peek into the Conference Program

12 OCTOBER 2017



Special Feature: ‘Build your own design’


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Keynote 1: The Future of Work: Beyond 2025 Workspace

Keynote 2: Workspace of the Future: Global Workspace Innovations & Technological Challenges

Audience Driven Debate: The Why Question: Why companies transform their offices?

After setting the scene of the future of work, join this interactive discussion and be at the driver’s seat. Using Sli.do, smart polling & questioning event tech solution, audience will become a lively element in shaping agenda of this talk.

Morning Coffee & Networking

Office of the Future: The Unveiling


Join us for a coffee at SWDS exhibition floor, which will become a place where the office of the future will officially be unveiled.


What is behind Activity Based Working?


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New Ways of Working: Procedure and Implementation at a Globally Acting Corporation


Design & Co-create: Smart Workspace Development


During this session, you will be challenged to address changes within your own workspaces. Bring your own floor plan, photo, sketch or plain idea to discuss, design and co-create the changes you will implement once back in the office. All groups lead by experienced workplace change managers.


True Smart Buildings

Organic Workspace: Technology focusing on People, not just Space


Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Workplace

Afternoon Coffee & Networking


Millennials reshaping the Workplace: A powerful Generation of Workers of the Future From College Bench to a Working Desk


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What makes People to choose a Company?


Workspace Design Trends: How to boost Productivity & Creativity Multipurpose space that promotes playfulness


“Here’s to a great office!” Session: Designing an Office for Different Generations & Cultures


After immersing yourself in ‘people in the workplace’ presentations, you will sit down (or stand up) with your peers to address the challenges of designing an office for different age, culture and religion. Drinks will be served too…

Party continues on the exhibition floor until…

13 OCTOBER 2017



Three elements of successful workplace transformation


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Keynote: Company with Almost No Rules: Leadership Models of the Future?


Case Study: Successful Workplace Transformation: Closing gap between HR & IT and Real Estate


Leadership Models Influencing Workspace


HR & IT & Real Estate supporting changes needed to develop the workspace of the future

Morning Coffee & Networking


Taking NWOW to the next level


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Panel Discussion: How to inspire core business in NWOW?


Workspace of Start ups & Co-Working Phenomenon


Worksphere in the Digital Era: Humanizing workspace


Healthy Workplace & Employee Well-being

Case study: Happy Employees & Healthy Work Environment


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Audience Driven Debate: Flexible Organizations & Social Relationships


Closing in on the end of the conference, audience will define what a flexible organization is in terms of health, well-being, social relationships and other elements.

Design for specific (meeting) rooms + Occupancy Systems: The Basis for Accurate Reconfigurations + Acoustics

Kgotla: ‘Walk the Talk’: The Workplace of the Future

Using the event interactive tool sli.do, all participants will answer a set of poll questions and decide what the workplace of the future will look like according to them.

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