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 October 11, 2017

Hoofddorp, Amsterdam

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Come to see how Plantronics beat the real challenge – to create an open plan environment where employees could share their creativity, but still concentrate on their tasks.

The Hoofddorp office is a living lab for working smarter. And it showcases Plantronics’ audio communication technology in its best way. Created around the concept of “beautifully human,” this workspace responds to employees needs. Innovative technology and design encourages employee productivity, collaboration, effective communication and well-being. HOW?

    Waterfalls and living walls of vegetation are spread throughout the building to ensure that employees are always immersed in the sounds of the natural world. This biophilic design supports employees’ innate connection to nature.
    Floor-to-ceiling windows let the sun in, and when there’s the right amount of light, the interior lighting shuts off. As the sun goes down, the lighting inside adjusts, slowly increasing.


    An innovative and simple way how to remove unwanted distractions. It not only absorbs sounds but also incorporates a design that subconsciously guides foot traffic away from desk areas.




No echoes. Every surface is designed to optimize sound by either absorbing or deflecting it in a different direction. The office also uses hard, shiny surfaces only when it is absolutely necessary as they tend to create echoes.

Microphones in the ceiling respond to higher individual noise levels throughout the building. The system recognizes this increase in sound and adjusts the volume by masking noise through speakers. When noise decreases, the system readjusts its output to return to normal.

A dividing wall that mirrors the surface of a crystal. This shape is very effective at deflecting sound waves, helping reduce noise dramatically.

    A flexible floor plan that moves with people’s day. All team stations are movable throughout the day so people can easily achieve a refreshing change of scenery.
    Numerous docking stations give people the freedom to move and work around the building without ever having to worry about a complex cabling system—or bothering IT.

A part of Plantronics’ workspace is also an Expo space, that demonstrates the acoustic innovation used in action. This includes an interactive ‘Sound Table’ that shows the impact of sound, and a Sound Chamber where visitors can learn how Plantronics analyzes the impact of sound levels to create their headsets.

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