Whitepaper: How to create a brain-friendly office? | Sound Design for Brain & Cognition

ake a look at this Whitepaper by Yvette Tietema from Saint-Gobain Ecophon, specially prepared for the Smart Workspace Design Summit 2017.

Learning complex things fast and delivering high-quality work are two competencies that are crucial for 21st century knowledge workers. Being focused and concentrated at work is therefore crucial to perform well in the jobs of the future.

The quality of the physical office has a serious impact on the stress and performance of employees. Distractive and unhealthy workplaces that do not support productivity and well-being makes work stressful, exhausting and sometimes even impossible. This leads to dissatisfaction and reduced performance.

This white paper focuses on understanding how our brain functions best at work and the importance of concentration while offering practical guidelines to design an office environment with an understanding of brain and cognition.

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