SWDS News Report no. 6

In this SWDS By-Weekly installation we looked at how Generation Y and Generation Z are affecting the workplace design and development.

First article talks about Millennials in the workplace and what three easy steps you can take to create a Millennial-Friendly Workplace: promote transparency, get rid of hierarchy & embrace innovative team building.

In the second link here below, you will find out how millennials will continue to influence the direction of office design in 2017.

Thirdly, we’d like to share with you an opinion that the workplace of the future should be defined by the age of its inhabitants. But not the way you think. Read on..

Lastly, let’s look at what Simon Sinek thinks about Millennials and their presence in the workplace.

Best regards,


Peter Grof
Event Director
Smart Workspace Design Summit
12-13 October 2017
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

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