Sneak Peek into the ‘All about People’ Conference Program

Day I

  • Workplace Design Meets Tomorrow

    Panel discussion

  • The importance of trust and employee engagement when introducing activity based working

    Academic Insights

  • Transition Seamlessly to an Immersive Experience

    Trimble’s Sketchup Viewer & Microsoft Hololens

  • Huddle rooms and collaboration technology

    Designing a creative & productive office

  • What makes a great design?

    Panel discussion

Day II

  • Well-being: A Strategy at Everything You Do

    Panel discussion

  • Agile Design Promoting Activity in the Workplace

    Can agile design spur creativity, intuitiveness and fresh ideas?

  • Building Design that fosters Collaboration

    Balancing “we” and “me”: finding the line between privacy and accessibility

  • Smart Buildings

    The connected office of the future

  • The Future of Facilities Management

    Panel discussion

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