Designers’ & architects’ spotlight stage where you can listen and discuss how to solve the challenges you face.

We are intensely working on the “All About People” conference program. Register to be among the first to know once its ready.

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Interested to speak? Please contact 

  • Peter Grof
    Peter Grof

    +421 257 272 128
    send me an email

    by day: Event Director
    by night: Secret Ninja Photographer

    Feel free to ask me anything about the #SWDS. Happy to discuss partnerships, speaking, exhibiting, visiting, media coverage – your choice. Also, I can bring you up to speed on how to photograph or run a marathon.

  • Barbora Karasova
    Barbora Karasova

    +421 257 272 235
    send me an email

    by day: Content Manager
    by night:
    Relaxed Yoga Master

    Do you want to speak at the #SWDS? Contact me regarding speaking opportunities and any questions about the event program. I am also willing to teach you how to relax with yoga. Stretch right up and reach the sky (and your target audience)!